Multi-scale Laboratories
The TCS "Multi-scale laboratories" (EPOS-MSL) provides open access to world-class experimental laboratory infrastructures, such as high temperature-pressure and analogue deformation experiments, electron microscopy, paleomagnetic laboratories, geochemical methods, etc. Access to these laboratories allows researchers to study the complex interaction of physical and chemical processes in Earth’s crust on a variety of scales. In addition, high-quality datasets produced in these laboratories will be made available to all Earth scientists in a harmonized and usable form via the MSL Catalogue. Ultimately, the TCS Multi-scale laboratories will help create a coherent and collaborative network of European solid Earth science laboratories.
The Geophysical Center of Dourbes, part of the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI), gives transnational access to the experimental facilities of the Laboratory for Environmental Magnetism in Dourbes via EPOS-MSL (more info). The laboratory is equipped for a multi-experimental approach to characterize the natural remanent magnetization and measure magnetic properties in a range of samples (rocks, sediments, archeological samples). Facilities include (1) devices for sample preparation and treatment, (2) various devices for acquisition, demagnetization and measurement of various types of remanent magnetization, and (3) instruments for field and laboratory measurements of magnetic properties.