Welcome to the website of EPOS-BE, which represents the Belgian contribution to the European Plate Observing System (EPOS). Belgian national and regional research institutes and governments provide data and services to a range of thematic domain in EPOS. This website gives an overview of the historical development of EPOS-BE, its partners and the different data and services that are provided to EPOS.
The European Plate Observing System is a multidisciplinary research infrastructure that facilitates the long-term integrated use of data, services and facilities for solid Earth science in a pan-European context. These multidisciplinary data, products and services are made available via the EPOS Data Portal to a large spectrum of users: scientific researchers that want to incorporate EPOS in their research and/or teaching, policymakers that want to facilitate informed decision making, etc.
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More general information on EPOS ERIC can be retrieved here or via EPOS' official website.
General video from EPOS, explaining the basics.

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